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Dieta’s Corporate Responsibility Program


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Dieta’s Corporate Responsibility Program

Dieta offers customized tableware, accessories, equipment and service solutions for professional kitchens. Responsibility is reflected in the company's values, and with the materiality matrix implemented earlier, it was known what is important in corporate responsibility. However, Dieta wanted responsibility goals for the coming years in relation to the company's resources and an action plan to help achieve the goals.

The project started with a staff survey that allowed all staff members to share their thoughts on possible measures to reduce negative environmental impacts and increase positive impacts. Pair interviews with key people complemented the material and helped shape the whole.

Based on the data, Positive Impact drafted the priorities, objectives and measures of the responsibility program. The responsibility program was finalized in a workshop with Dieta's team and at the same time the themes of the program were aligned with the company's values. The results surprised Dieta's team. The results surprised Diet's team. Here is what CEO Juhani Järvenpää had to say after the project:

It was positively surprising how many responses to the staff survey were received. The workshop had an ambitious goal and limited time, but the working group managed to get a great grip of the material and the essential topics were included in the responsibility program.

In addition, the Positive Impact team got us excited about responsibility. We got to believe we could make a difference.Now we have responsibility goals and 160 ideas in the action bank.

Juhani Järvenpää, CEO